inground pool
inground pool
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Things you can do to keep your pool looking it's best.

  • Make sure to trim the branches from trees around and on top of your pool. This way there will be less leafs and dirt from leafs fallin in to your pool.
  • Also clean skimmer baskets often at least once a week or between pool guy visits.
  • The level of water is also very important to keep it at a good level. Most pools are full when the water is at the middle of your pool's tiles.
  • If you have children, a pool fence is something to consider having.


Keep your family and pets safe, always supervise your child or pets when there close to the pool. Never leave them alone. Remember kids don't make noise if their drowning.


In Case of an emergency have these things nearby: Rope, pole ,life saver, or Phone to call for help

For child safety put a fence at least five feet high around your home swimming pool.


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